Monday, October 20, 2008

All is well!

Well, the op was last Friday! I woke up in lots of pain but morphine is gooood! :)

Everything went really well. I am now back at Holly's parent's house recovering and will be here until my follow up app on the 30th.

Holly is still in hospital but is walking around and feeling a lot better every day! The doctors are all nodding approvingly at large amounts of wee!!!

Just a short note for now before I fall asleep but there will be an update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well done Oli. What you've done is truly brave and inspirational. I hope you're feeling comfortable again soon.

You have my greatest respect;


Holly said...

Hi Oli,

Glad you are recovering well, you've done an amazing thing and are truly inspirational!

Rest up and take it easy x