Friday, August 8, 2008

Visiting the hospital

My next task was to talk to work and explain to my manager what was going on.  I decided to tell them at this point as I needed to go visit the hospital my friend is looked after in and also, if everything goes well, I would need quite a while off work.  Thankfully my manager was great about the whole thing.  I think she symapthised with me as she had a friend in a similar situation in the past.  I was really worried that she wouldn't be as nice as I had only started the job about 3 months before.

I arranged the appointment for 2 weeks from then and there were quite a few emails between me and Alex.  She was keeping me as up to date as possible with what would be going on when I was there.  Usually these tests are done over a week or 2 but because of the distance they were able to arrange them for me over 2 days.  There were also a few things I had to do in preparation before going down there.

When I arrived at the hospital I met up with Alex and we chatted for a while about what was going to happen and she answered a few questions I had thought of.  Following this I was booked in to several tests over a day and a half including an ultrasound scan, an MRI scan, a few blood and urine tests, a GFR test, a chest x-ray, an ECG test, a treadmill test, a second crossmatch test and also I had time to talk to several doctors.  It was a tiring but very interesting couple of days.

Following the results from these test I should know whether or not it is OK to go ahead with the transplant from a medical point of view but I know there are still several hurdles to get over regarding the legal side of everything.

It is quite frustrating having to wait for things to happen as I feel like we are so close but there are still results to wait for that could sway things either way.  I just wish we could click our fingers and move forward a couple of days to find out the results.

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Donna said...

I followed the link from Quest for a Kidney and it is really interesting to read about this from a donor's point of view. I hope that things work out for you both :0)